Review: Step-By-Step Custom Flag Ordering Guide

This is our step-by step guide to your customized printed nylon flag. Go through the bullet points below to monitor your progress.

  • You have an idea or image for a customized printed nylon flag.

If you have vector art …

If you don’t have vector art …

  • Review the vector art fee quote and purchase the necessary units on our Vector Art Fee product page.
  • Approve the final vector art and PANTONE® colors sent via email.


-> Choose flag size
-> Pick the attachment method
-> Decide on single-sided or double-sided design
-> Enter the quantity of flags needed

    Note: If your order is eligible for a quantity discount, will send a draft order to your email to be completed from there. Hence, when ordering 3 or more flags, do not place your order on the Customized Printed Nylon Flag product page.

    • Once the final order has been placed, it will take about two weeks for the purchased item(s) to ship. If there are any delays, we will notify you as soon as possible.
    • You receive your flag.

    It’s that easy!


    Would you like to print out this step-by-step checklist? You can use our PDF version below. 

    Custom Flag Ordering Guide PDF



    If you are looking for a simple do-it-yourself option, see our blank flag options here. Otherwise, please continue through the steps below:


    Step 1: Introduction to Customized Flags
    Step 2: Vector Art
    Step 3: Flag Specifications
    Step 4: Place Order for Vector Art
    Step 5: Place Order for Custom Flag
    Review: Printable Step-By-Step Custom Flag Ordering Guide
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