If you're not sure what type of flag or hardware you need in order to fly your flag per etiquette, please have a look at our informative guides below.

Flag Buying Guide - here you will find information on different flag materials, sizes, attachment methods, flag care and how to retire your worn out American flag.

Boat Flag Guide - this guide outlines when to fly certain boat flags and what size you would need for your specific motor- or sailboat.

Signal Flag Guide - look here for more information on International Code of Signals (ICS) and for the meaning of different flags, pennants and substitutes.

Custom Flag Guide - if you are interested in a customized flag, this guide will take you through all the necessary steps.

Hardware Guide - everything you need to know about garden flag hardware, porch and house flagpoles, in-ground flagpoles and indoor / parade sets.

Flag Etiquette - this guide provides information on flag flying holidays, how to correctly display your flag, how to fly it at half-staff, fold it and retire it.

Flag Dictionary - here you will find information on the most common flag industry lingo.