Hardware Buying Guide

1. Garden Flag Hardware 3. In-Ground Flagpoles
2. Porch and House Flagpoles 4. Indoor / Parade Sets


It can be difficult to figure out what hardware you would need to be able to best display and fly your flag. There are different options depending on whether you fly your flag in the front yard, on the side of your house, from an in-ground flagpole or as an indoor / parade set. There are parts that are definitely needed, but also some optional add-on accessories. Let’s have a look below.


1. Garden Flag Hardware

Decorative garden flags come in various sizes, most commonly around 12in x 18in. In order to display your flag, you would need a garden flag stand, a suction cup pole or a garden mailbox pole.

Additional add-ons include a flag stabilizer for use with the flag stand - this makes sure that your flag does not flip over in the wind. Another optional product is a rubber stopper on one or both ends of the flag to make sure it does not slide from side to side.

Garden Flag Ground Stand<- This is the garden flag stand that you would push into the ground and display your decorative garden flag from.

(1) Mount this pole to any glass surface with 2 suction cups to display your garden flag from the inside of your home.

(2) This mounts to your mailbox post with 2 screws. Adjusts approx. 180 degrees using 7 different positions.

(3) Flag stabilizer screws onto garden pole horizontally using thumb screw. It secures your flag with two sawed clips.

(4) This is an example of a rubber stopper that can be used on the garden flag stand.

Garden Flag Hardware

2. Porch and House Flagpoles

If you wish to fly your flag from the porch or the side of your house, you will need a bracket, a flagpole and two mounting rings for flags with grommet holes. Mounting rings usually come with the pole, but can break over time. If that is the case, there is no need to buy a new pole, just replace the rings.

Adjustable Flagpole BracketThis is a bracket that would attach to your house or porch with screws. There are different types of brackets, some are fixed and others you can move up and down to either fly a flag at a 45 degree angle (most flags), straight down on a 90 degree angle (common for decorative banners) or anywhere in-between. Make sure that the bracket fits the correct diameter flagpole.

Rotating Tangle-Resistant FlagpoleMost flagpoles meant for the porch or house come in two pieces that are easily turned together. Their recommended size is 5ft x 1in when assembled. A 6ft x 1in pole can also be used but be aware of the extra stress on the flagpole. The poles can either be stationary or spinning. Spinning pole technology reduces the likelihood of your flag wrapping around the pole in inclement weather. Mounting rings usually come with the pole itself. Those are used to attach a grommet flag to the pole. If you have a flag with a pole sleeve and tab, you would attach the tab to the small metal clip at the top of the pole.

Flag Mounting RingsIf you need to replace the mounting rings on your flagpole, purchase them as a set of two: one for each grommet hole of the flag. Make sure that the diameter of the rings matches your flagpole. These ones are stationary which means they don’t move separate from the pole.

Rotating Flag Mounting RingsAnother option is to have rotating mounting rings. These rings have a rotating anti-wrap feature which allows the flag to turn independently from the pole. In windy weather that would help to keep your flag from wrapping around a stationary pole. Do not use rotating mounting rings with spinning poles as they can interfere with the pole’s spinning function.

Flag ExtenderTo spread your flag and make it fully visible at all times, you can use a flag extender (home use) or a non-tangle rod (commercial use). The extender would attach to the top of the flagpole and include clips that run down the side of it. You attach the flag to these clips and the rod will keep the entire image visible at all times rather than let it fall naturally.

Black Mourning BowThere are days when a flag is ordered to be flown at half-staff. It should be lowered to make room for an "invisible flag of death" flying above it. In other cases, people have lost a loved one and want to show their respects. With porch and house poles, you cannot lower the flag, hence a black mourning bow or a streamer should be attached above the flag (below the ornament).


3. In-Ground Flagpoles



There are many different types and sizes of flagpoles to use in your front yard or in a commercial setting. In-ground flagpoles start at 6ft and go all the way up to 35ft and higher; they are either sectional or one-piece. Be mindful of the strong winds, tornados and other weather conditions that factor into how strong of a pole you need. One-piece flagpoles are usually sturdier than sectional ones.

For a simple home solution or for a temporary real estate purpose, it is best to use a 6ft to 10ft two-section flagpole. You can utilize special lawn spikes that are pushed into the ground and slide your pole through two 1.25" (inside diameter) rings. No concrete necessary. The flag would attach to the pole with two nylon flag ties or with a Never-Furl® Kit which reduces the likelihood of your flag wrapping around the pole. See images below for the flagpole, lawn spike and the Never-Furl® Kit.

Lawn Flagpole       Flagpole Lawn Spike        Never Furl Kit

One of the easier options for a 19ft above ground flagpole is a telescoping pole which utilizes a simple push button feature allowing the flagpole to either extend or retract.  Instead of a polypropylene rope you would attach the flag to the pole with swivel rings. The special free-spin flag harness would allow the flag to revolve 360 degrees. This 19ft pole can fly two flags simultaneously or one flag at half-staff. Only use these poles in areas with no or light wind conditions. Telescoping poles are great for tailgating parties.

For a more permanent solution, you can opt for poles starting at 20ft above ground and going all the way up to 35ft or higher above ground. Sectional poles use swedged ends to attach to one another. If any of the sections bends or breaks, you wouldn’t need to replace the entire pole, just the specific section. One-piece flagpoles, on the other hand, are considered sturdier, but more difficult to install.

Sectional flagpoles have an ornament at the top, a truck, halyard (polypropylene rope), snap hooks, cleat and a flash collar. When buying an in-ground flagpole set, all these items may already be included. Be aware that if you fly your flag at night, per flag etiquette, there should be light shown on it. This can be done with a special solar light that attaches to the top or the middle of the pole.

Fire Dept Flagpole OrnamentOrnaments attach to the very top of a flagpole and can be changed to accommodate a specific flag or purpose. There are quite a few options from eagles to crosses, balls to fire department and so on.

Flagpole Truck PulleyA truck is a pulley system that attaches to the top of the pole and the ornament, in turn, attaches to the top of the truck. The pulley system is used to run the halyard through and help with the raising and lowering of the flag.

Flagpole Halyard RopeThe halyard is looped up over a truck pulley at the top of the pole. This rope is usually white or gray in color. The flag is attached to the halyard with snap hooks. Once the flag is raised or lowered to the desired level, the rope is attached to the cleat at the bottom end of the pole.

Nylon Flag ClipVinyl-Coated Brass Flag ClipSnap hooks attach to the halyard and are used to secure the flag onto the rope. They come in different forms: plastic, brass, vinyl coated, stainless or as a quick link.

A cleat is used towards the lower third of the pole. It needs to be attached to the pole itself. The rope will be wrapped around the cleat to secure the flag in the air and stop the rope from flying around.

Flagpole Flash CollarThe flash collar is used at the very bottom where the pole meets the ground. It is an ornamental piece that conceals the ground sleeve and gives the whole flagpole set a finished look.

Solar lights are used on the pole when a flag is flown in the dark. This can be done with special lights that attach either underneath the flag and shine light upwards or at the top of the flagpole (underneath the ornament) and shine light down on the flag.


4. Indoor / Parade Sets



There are a lot of different options and accessories for indoor / parade sets that can be showcased in courtrooms, corporate buildings, during special meetings or at parades. As you might already know, indoor flags have a special fringe around three edges. But that is not where the differences end. Let’s have a look at the different options when it comes to hardware.

Indoor / parade poles come in different looks (aluminum, gold aluminum, polished oak, etc.). They range from 6ft to 9ft in length and 1in to 1¼in in width. They usually require an ornament that can be part of a set or purchased separately.

Indoor Flagpole OrnamentThere are so many options for different ornaments that can be used with indoor / parade poles. Certain flags may require a specific ornament and with others there may be multiple options. The tops range from 5in to 12in in size and can be in solid brass, gold metal, chrome plated metal or plastic. Ornaments either screw on, slip over or insert inside the pole.

Indoor Flagpole StandFloor stands are used with indoor poles to display the flag in a stationary setting. During parades, you probably wouldn’t need one. Stands come in gold and silver finish. They can fit one or multiple poles depending on the style.

Flagpole Cord and TasselsYou can dress up your indoor flag with cord and tassels which come in yellow, white, silver, blue, green and red-white-blue multi options. Cord and tassels is usually included when you buy a set.

Flagpole Ribbon RingMetal ribbon ring with chains is an add-on accessory that can be placed under the ornament to hold award ribbons and campaign streamers. It usually includes six chains.

Flag SpreaderAnother optional accessory is a flag spreader that clamps to the pole and holds a flag open to better display emblems and seals.

Black Mourning BowThere are days when a flag is ordered to be flown at half-staff. It should be lowered to make room for an "invisible flag of death" flying above it. With indoor / parade flagpoles, you cannot lower the flag, hence a black mourning bow or a streamer is attached above the flag (below the ornament) instead.

Black Parade BeltDuring parades it can be difficult to carry the indoor flag set for an extended period of time. Parade belts are used to relieve some of that pressure by allowing you to set the end of the flagpole into a special holder. These belts are made with durable polypropylene webbing or leather.

White Parade GlovesWhite gloves are another accessory usually worn by flag bearers. It gives them a polished look and allows the flag to stay clean while being handled.

Black Parade Rain Cover Carrying CaseProtective rain covers are used to carry or store a 3x5ft or a 4x6ft flag set. It is constructed of a leather-like material and has a separate internal pocket for the bottom pole section.



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