Step 3: Flag Specifications

Now that the artwork and color schemes are completed, let’s look at some of the flag specification decisions that have to be made.


Flag Size


Choosing the correct flag size is fairly straightforward. You can see below the pre-determined rectangular flags that we offer. Choose one that fits your flagpole or other specifications.


The length of the flag is usually one-quarter or one-third the height of the flagpole. If in doubt, go with a smaller size. A flag that is too large will droop on the pole and not look as nice.


Flag Size Flagpole Height Where to fly?
12x18in N/A Boat, on the wall, at parties, scout patrol, etc.
2x3ft 5ft – 6ft Side of your house, front porch, from a tree, etc.
2.5x4ft 5ft – 15ft Side of your house, front porch, from a tree, etc.
3x5ft 5ft – 20ft Side of your house, in-ground flagpole, off a building, public gatherings, etc.
4x6ft 20ft – 25ft In-ground flagpole, off a building, public gatherings, etc.
5x8ft 25ft – 35ft In-ground flagpole, off a building, public gatherings, etc.
6x10ft 30ft – 40ft In-ground flagpole, off a building, public gatherings, etc.



Attachment Method


You have the option to choose between a header and grommets or pole hem with fringe finishing.


Header and grommets is the most common and cost-effective option for flags sized up to 6x10ft that are flown at a 45 degree angle or from an in-ground flagpole. The hoist end of the flag has a white canvas strip with two grommet holes, one at the top and one at the bottom. The flag is attached to the pole using snap hooks or plastic ties that go through the grommet holes.


Header & Grommets Flag Sample    Header & Grommets Flag Attachment Sample


A pole sleeve with fringe option is more expensive and features a sleeve that slides over the pole and covers it for the height of the flag. It has a tab on the inside, towards the top of the sleeve, which attaches to the snap hook of the pole. The sleeve slides over a 1¼ inch diameter pole. The top, fly end and bottom edge of the flag is fringed. This option is mainly used to feature flags during parades and indoor displays such as courtrooms, classrooms, lobbies, etc.


Pole Sleeve & Fringe Flag Sample       Pole Sleeve & Fringe Flag Attachment Sample


Single- or Double-Sided Design


Single-sided flags are printed only on one side, hence the flag reads correctly from the front and reverse from the back. This is the most common method of flag printing. If your design contains words that need to be read correctly from both sides, you might consider the double-sided option. That being said, we usually recommend single-sided design as it is lighter in weight and will fly better on the flagpole.

Double-sided flags consist of two pieces of material sewn together back to back. They have a liner in-between to minimize visibility from one side to the other. Flag reads correctly on both sides. This design option is less encouraged as the flag is going to be very heavy and is more likely to droop on the flagpole because of it.


Single-sided flag (top) and double-sided flag (bottom) from the front and back.

Single-sided and double-sided flag         Single-sided and double-sided flag



If you are looking for a simple do-it-yourself option, see our blank flag options here. Otherwise, please continue through the steps below:


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