Custom Flag Contact Form

This contact form is for custom flag and vector art related inquiries only. For all other questions, please use the Contact Us form.


When reaching out for a vector art fee quote, please include a detailed description along with a drawing or image for the proposed artwork. Make sure to add the PANTONE® colors to be used.


If you already have vector art and would like to place an order, attach your file to this form. Once we have received and approved the artwork, you can go ahead and place your order on our Customized Printed Nylon Flag product page for a quantity of 1-2 flags. If you are eligible for a quantity discount (3 or more flags), we will ask for additional information and use that to email you a draft order with the discounted pricing. You would then complete your order via that specific form.



If you have any questions, please review the steps below:


Step 1: Introduction to Customized Flags
Step 2: Vector Art
Step 3: Flag Specifications
Step 4: Place Order for Vector Art
Step 5: Place Order for Custom Flag
Review: Printable Step-By-Step Custom Flag Ordering Guide
Custom Flag Contact Form