B2B and Government Sales


FlagsOnline.com caters to its business customers under the CRW Flags Inc. brand. If you are interested in receiving an estimate, please contact us at sales@flagsonline.com.


Make sure to include in the email:

  • Company name
  • Company address and shipping address (if different)
  • Tax exempt number (if applicable)
  • Need by date for the items (if applicable)
  • Product name, SKU and quantity


Delivery address is required to provide an estimated shipping amount. Order pick-up is available free of charge during business hours. Tax exemption number (if applicable) is needed for verification before the quote is prepared.


Note: Make sure to choose all the correct variants of a product before writing down the SKU as it differs for each option.


B2B Ordering



Purchase Orders

Once we have received all the necessary information, a quote will be sent out from CRW Flags Inc. When you are ready with a purchase order, please contact us, or instruct your organization's purchaser to place an order with us. Make sure to reference the estimate number in the purchase order.


Note: Certain items, such as custom flags or out of stock products, may have longer delivery times. We will do our best to estimate the expected shipping dates for these goods and notify you promptly of any delays.