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Mailbox CoverIn this blog post we'll be discussing the different sizes for mailboxes and why it matters, how to measure a mailbox, how to attach a decorative mailwrap to it, and when is it time to replace the cover. So let’s get started!



The different sized mailboxes

Mailboxes come in standard, large and jumbo sizes with standard size being the most common and jumbo size fairly rare. Standard size mailboxes measure about 6 ½ x 19", large size mailboxes about 8 x 21" and jumbo size mailboxes are approximately 18 x 21".

The sizing matters when it comes to buying a mailbox cover as mailwraps are tailored to fit the specific width and length of the mailbox as well as the location of the mailbox flag.


Measuring the mailbox

To determine whether you have a standard, large or a jumbo sized mailbox,  measure the distance from the front of your mailbox to the back and the width of the door.

If your mailbox measures approximately 19” long and the width of the door is approximately 6.5”, then you should opt for the standard size mailwrap. When your mailbox measures approximately 21” long and the width of the door is approximately 8”, then go with the large size mailwrap.

Jumbo sized mailboxes as well as the specifically tailored mailwraps are rare, but if you do measure your mailbox as bigger than what the large one would be, then that is what you have.


Attaching the mailbox cover

Attaching a mailbox cover to a metal mailbox is easy. The mailwrap already comes with two strong magnetic strips, one on each end. Just place the magnetic strips along the bottom side edge of the mailbox and you’re all set. Most covers also include the opening for the mailbox flag.

For a plastic or aluminum mailbox, you would need an additional adapter kit that usually includes two magnetic strips with self-adhesive backing. Attach the magnetic receiver strips to the bottom side edge of the mailbox with the sticky side down. Snap the magnetic mailbox cover into place on top of the magnetic receiver strips.

Not sure whether your mailbox is metal or not? Just place a magnet on it. If it sticks, then you have a metal mailbox and if not, then you would need the adapter kit.


When to replace the mailbox cover?

You’ll know it's time to buy a new mailbox cover when it has started to fade and is no longer in presentable condition.

Alternatively, you may just grow tired of the design or want to decorate for various seasons and holidays.


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  • Maria Wyatt