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RSS Car Flag TutorialIn this blog post we'll be looking at how to put together a car flag, how to change the flag, how to attach it to a car window, and when to buy a new one. To find answers to all these questions and more, watch the video below or read through the main points underneath it. There's no time like today, so let’s get started!



Putting together a car flag

Car flags are pretty easy to assemble. They usually include a plastic pole, a flag and a little clip. To put it together, you would have to slide the flag over the pole. The pole will have some teeth at the bottom which help to keep the flag from turning side to side. Hold the pole with one hand and the fabric of the flag with the other while turning it over the teeth. Now just clip on the top and you’re done.


Changing the flag

If you already have the pole and you just want to change the flag on it, then remove the clip at the top. Hold the pole with one hand and grip the bottom of the flag with the other while twisting your hands in opposite direction. Pull the flag upwards. That will help you get it of the teeth undamaged.


Attaching a car flag to a window

Attaching a car flag is easy. Roll down your window half way, position the pole on the edge of the window with the bottom clip and the flag facing outwards, push the clip down and close the window. It's that easy!


When to buy a new car flag?

You’ll know it's time to buy a new car flag when your pole is severely bent or the flag has frayed and faded - it is no longer in presentable condition.


That's all there is to car flags. We hope you enjoyed our short video and the blog post. Feel free to leave your feedback on our Facebook page - type @FlagsOnlinecom into the search bar to find us.

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