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Ceremonial Flag Folding Tutorial

We'll be looking at when and why a ceremonial flag folding is performed, what is the proper way to handle a U.S. flag, what is the significance of the 13 folds, types of American flags used, what is a display case and when to use it.
  • Maria Wyatt

Mailbox Cover Tutorial

In this blog post we'll be discussing the different sizes for mailboxes and why it matters, how to measure a mailbox, how to attach a decorative mailwrap to it, and when is it time to replace the cover.
  • Maria Wyatt

9/11 - Patriot Day Flag Etiquette

As we approach September 11th, here are some of the most common questions and answers in regards to how to fly your flag per etiquette and honor the lives lost on this tragic day.
  • Maria Wyatt