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Design Your Own Flag

Looking for a fun and personal gift idea? Design your own flag! In this tutorial, we'll be using a solid nylon flag as the base to sew or paint the design onto. Most of what you need can be found at a fabric or craft store. So let's get started!
  • Maria Wyatt

Ceremonial Flag Folding Tutorial

We'll be looking at when and why a ceremonial flag folding is performed, what is the proper way to handle a U.S. flag, what is the significance of the 13 folds, types of American flags used, what is a display case and when to use it.
  • Maria Wyatt

Mailbox Cover Tutorial

In this blog post we'll be discussing the different sizes for mailboxes and why it matters, how to measure a mailbox, how to attach a decorative mailwrap to it, and when is it time to replace the cover. So let's get started!
  • Maria Wyatt